Feed and Grow Fish Game: Play on PC

Feed and Grow Fish is a simulation video game that is created by Infinite Interactive and published by Infinite Interactive. Software is available on Android and iOS platforms. Product Feed and Grow Fish game about getting fish to eat enough food to grow bigger. You are a cod with a big appetite, but you are too small to eat any food. You must drag food around to make it easier to eat. After you eat enough food, you will heighten bigger and be able to eat bigger food.

Goal of game is to heighten BIGGER and BIGGER. Every player needs to heighten their own carp to be happiest cod in sea because every player needs to earn most points to win game. Feed and Grow Fish download is a dynamical puzzle game where player needs to feed their cod, grow them, take care of their needs. Is a great soft for all ages.

The environment is filled with marine life, such as sharks, sea turtles, and crabs.
When you feed cod, the amount of food it eats will grow too. When you feed cod, you get a certain amount of food back.


Graphics are bright and engaging with a cartoon-style. World of Feed and Grow Fish free is an aquatic one, so graphics are primarily blue with some green. Graphics in game are relatively simplistic, consisting of simple shapes and colors.

Player can choose to make their tank more attractive by adding decorations like plants and toys. Software has a bright and colorful look to it. Graphics in Feed and Grow Fish free download is not really great and it is not really terrible either. It is just average and it's typical for a simulation product.



Simulation video game Feed and Grow Fish game free where you take on role of a cod farmer and you need to take care of your carp by feeding them and growing them. It is just average, it is typical for a simulation soft. Player can choose between two modes of gameplay. They are single player mode and multiplayer mode. The single player mode is the perfect option for those who are not interested in playing with other people. Multiplayer mode is for those who want to play with other people. Gameplay is primarily about feeding and growing carp. A player starts with a small tank of water and two fish.

Goal of software product is to heighten cod population to five, with each carp taking turns feeding. When player feeds fish, they are given points for it. Player has option to pay real money to buy an unlimited amount of food for fish, but it is not necessary to do so. Gameplay in Fish Feed and Grow game is easy. All the player has to do is drag appropriate food to carp. Player has to drag food to cod for a few minutes before fish heightens. There are challenges that player can complete in soft.


Multiplayer in Fish Feed and Grow is not really unique and it is not unique in a bad way. It is just average and it is typical for a simulation application.

Fish Feed and Grow free is a app that has a high replayability. Software has a high level of difficulty, but once a player gets hang of it, they can play for hours. Product has an achievement system that provides motivation to keep playing.

Software one of the most popular game genres in world. It is a game in which player is given a pet carp and it is their responsibility to feed cod in order to heighten it. Product has three different modes in which player can play in: food mode, story mode, time battle.

FAGF was designed with the purpose of making it an easy, yet rewarding experience.
In Fish Feed and Grow free install product, you start with a small carp. As you heighten carp, the size of carps environment heightens too.

5 Essential Rules

1. Save the game before you start fishing.
2. If you get a new cod, don't forget to feed him!
3. If the Fish Game is taking too long, you can make it go faster by tapping on cod.
4. If carp is hungry enough, it will start to grow.
5. Sometimes, cod will start to heighten before you get to feed it.

5 Essential Rules

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this game?
Like name suggests, Feed and Grow Fish is a app where you feed and grow cod. You can play in a multiplayer version with friends - each player has their own tank and cod and is scored based on their own cod and tank. There are also achievements and daily goals to complete.
What is the point of soft?
Point of product is to heighten most carp possible in allotted time.
How do I play?
You feed carp, add decorations to the tank, play games to earn coins.

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